drink or not to drink

June 2, 2009 at 11:15 am (ceracau)

My friend once asked me, “do u drink alcohol?” well since I legalize that activity for my self so I said “yes!” proudly. Then my friend said “ah.. then u r a drinker”.

Now my concern is to the word “drinker”. For me there are some stages of drinking habit. I classify the stage as :

1. drinker

2. drink

3. don’t drink



  drinker means a condition when u drink alcohol as if u drink a water. At least u consume beer as a replacement for mineral water (it happens a lot in has-winter-season country)



it’s me. I drink alcohol if i want to, but when there is no alcohol fine by me. Even if there is some alcohol exist in my fridge and i don’t want to drink then I don’t.


don’t drink

  it is a condition when u do not allow ur body to absorb any kind of alcohol. It happens to some of my friends. Since I live in a moslem-majority country, it’s prohibited for us-the moslem-to drink any kind of alcohol, but for me-i’m a moslem too-it is fine if u drink alcohol as long as it is in an adequate portion. So, how about you?

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