what i call a struggle of life!

February 15, 2009 at 3:17 am (ceracau)

it starts to be a pain in the ass when :

it’s wrong 4 you to get a sleep at 2.24 in the fuckin’ morning because she needed a chat buddy.

it’s wrong for you to watch TV at 2.24 AM because she’s trying to sleep. And you’re awaken because of her.

it’s is wrong for you to be awaken at 2.24 AM because she didn’t need any chat buddy anymore

it’s wrong to watch a movie because she is too sensitive to watch the movie (i’m not in the mood watching that movie,so turn the TV off) wtf??

it is a real fuckin’ pain in the fuckin’ ass in the middle of a fuckin’ night. F.U.C.K.!!!!

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