234SC, PP and what the fuck they named it

February 8, 2009 at 12:19 pm (ceracau)

Some people are so proud with their exsistance. one of my friend said that it because their power. They got money,links,and anything that may be sounds special.

But,personally, what is so exclusive bout them?i thinthey are buch of sissies sitting down together and make some stupid club.

Will it make a different to my dick if join the sissy club?if it is so, in postive way, well, i’ll join them.

Pick one of them, face me.Let see.

The only basic reason why they join such a group is just because they’re to winny to stand alone.go fight urself pussy!

Well i know it sounds a bit rough, but i never take any respect of ’em.Take ur clubs’ attributes off face me.

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