The Most Boring Saturday Night

August 3, 2008 at 2:21 pm (ceracau)

Here, Now, I’m doin’ a full of pain in my ass. It should be a nice and wonderfull Saturday night. But If u’re sit next to me, what I’m doin’ is fuckin’ useless.

What do you think the most boring date in this world?watch the tube with pops on your hand?big NO!though, yeah I know it’s bored, but it’s nothing compared to mine.

Now at 8.15 PM at Saturday night I’m sitting on my girl’s office waiting for her doin’ all the office’s shit. Those fuckin’ job, and stupid people around me!!It’s so fuckin’ borin’!FUCK!!!

I’m hungry, angry, bored, everythin’. And now she’s gone, I don’t know where, just gone!I’m all alone with the fuckin stupid retarded internet connection. It took more than 10 minutes just to open And it’s nothinh witthnthw meebo!

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