this feeling

May 11, 2008 at 3:48 pm (ceracau)

hi, it’s been a while since my last writing. Now, I’m doin’ an event, photos exhibition, pretty big actually, national wide and it’s arranged by one of the UN bodies, feel proud of it, a bit…


Been 3 days in this museum made me sick, so much feelings I feel today, get bored, anger, jealousy, everythin’. Actually I made it into this condition, somehow I enjoy the feelings, anger makes me “high” jealousy makes me feel so…. I don’t know but I found it interesting. :) 


just like my friend, Nini, if you read it, text me!, she’s doin’ a lot to find stories in her life, those stories make so much trouble in her life but she needs it. Probably this is the feeling when you use cocaine or stuffs. 


yo wis tak ngerjain slide dulu, bentar lagi Arbain dateng dan gw harus menyiapkan beberapa slide untuk presentasi dia. 

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